PV 12 Phase Inverting?

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PV 12 Phase Inverting?

Post by Bignhot1964 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:52 pm

First I`m New To the CJ family, Thank You for letting me into your CJ Family.

I picked this item up off Ebay , and is on its way to my home and the seller sent me this,
My Question is this true or BS


The PV12 is ready to be picked up by FedEx. It has been tested and boxed in Factory PV12 box w/ foam insets. The link above is for the PV12 manual from CJ. PV12 is phase inverting, so the easiest way to deal is switch the +/- wires at the amp if bi-wired to speakers or at the speakers, reverse +/- for right and left speakers.

If you are not familiar, call CJ or send an email. Its best to speak to them as you'll likely get a tech and he/she can answer all questions.

I replied whats the advantage?

Second Email
I don't understand your question. Do you mean why do they do it that way?

It is an attempt and correct thinking that by each voltage stage does one inversion, so if you had two stages then they cancel each other out. Each voltage stage added moves the listener further away from the true sound. Much of CJ stuff is single stage, so there fore the second stage that would cancel out the first inversion is not there to do so, and therefore you do the inversion at the speaker or speaker connection on back of the amp. Here is their explanation and a link to more information.

"Each active voltage gain stage in a circuit inverts phase once. In pursuit of ultimate purity in music reproduction, recent conrad-johnson preamplifiers have been designed for the absolute minimum number of gain stages—one.
One stage, one inversion, hence these components invert phase. "

If you are not use to CJ stuff then it is odd, but trust that the experience of a fuller and more dimensional sound stage is had when you invert when necessary. Most of my CJ amps invert, so when both amp and Pre invert they cancel the inversion out and you wire as normally would. Welcome to the high end of CJ. It doesn't hurt anything. It is necessary to achieve complete sound nirvana w/ this thing.

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Re: PV 12 Phase Inverting?

Post by admin » Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:16 pm

Yes, the PV12 is phase inverting. If you have no other phase inverting components in your system then the simplest thing to do is reveres the speaker wire positive/negative connections at either the amp or the speaker.
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Re: PV 12 Phase Inverting?

Post by roberto » Wed Feb 21, 2018 7:15 pm

Hola Bignhot1964. The most convincing statement and answer about the phase is, because it is the shortest way in the path. This means, less distortion and better sound. Phase inverting is not a problem. Besides the 50% of the recordings are done with phase inverting. Philips, Sony, Deutsche Grammophon, their recordings have phase invert, to name a few. The recording companies believe that absolute phase is very hard to detect. And the recording Industry leaves this possibility open. On systems like ours, the phase is easy to detect.
When you are out of phase, the vocals or the main instrument appears to the listener too big, and also lacking the sense of 3D. A reason why some DACs or hi res software brings with a check mark to keep the phase correct. If the recording comes with phase inverted, the software will detect it and it invert the phase for you.
Conrad Johnson, in persuade to bring the best of the overall sound, some preamps and power amps models have the phase inverted. As our ADMIN answer you, that´s the right way to have your system in phase.

Happy listening!
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Re: PV 12 Phase Inverting?

Post by jahatl513 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:26 pm

It sounds like you have the right answers and the seller was not BS'ing you. With the actual literature link to PV12 you do see it on page 6 that it says phase inverting and then how to handle it. Good Luck!

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