new member from England

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new member from England

Post by sistersadie » Fri Jun 30, 2017 7:41 am

admin - thank you for the welcome! its great that you're prepared to put in the hours for this website [ive just found it]

I became a CJ owner as of may2017, after years of lukewarm and ultimately mistaken engagement with solid state [devialet, M-F, etc].

I truly am a happy bunny now that my system is valve-based. I'm using ACTs2 + ARTsa amps with TAD player and speakers.

what an incredible feeling it is to relax into the music and know I never need to upgrade again.

the upgrade mania may be a fun hobby for many of us, but personally I find it terribly distracting and often a waste of time.

needless to say my wife wholeheartedly agree!!

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Re: new member from England

Post by admin » Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:44 pm

Glad to hear that your enjoying your new system. It's great to have you with us!
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Re: new member from England

Post by Big Dog RJ » Sun Jul 02, 2017 9:04 am

G'day mate,

Certainly nice to know someone is around from the UK, afterall I think that's where we developed the term "mate..."

Missed those days of rough sport; rugby in division 4 against the London Welsh, and later played division 1 for Kingsbury and New England under 24 as an import... felt like a honor to play for such clubs, even not being a UK citizen! Couple of pints after a good social huddle was all that was required after a rough battle on the field.
Definitely hear you on that one, no need to upgrade after you own CJ and even better when the wifey agrees!

Over the decades, what I've learned along the way is generally for me, that is, it wasn't just a case of upgrading, rather trying to get to that special kind of sound you're after... too many systems have come and gone, across various countries, and now residing down unda- finally settled for that special sound. True by all means you could certainly "upgrade" and go beyond that, and achieve an even greater system but to what point may I ask? How long do we have to really sit back and enjoy what we've got? Are we looking after our priorities? House, Family, children's education etc. These are the things I should have attended to before heading into high-end disaster on unnecessary purchases in the past. Anyway, better to learn from our mistakes in't it mate?

Nice one with the ACT2- superb preamp indeed! and the ARTsa, fantastic amp. BTW, does your ARTsa have the EL34's or the KT120's?

I have brought in the ARTsa with the EL34's for a spin when I had my ACT2 and the Quads, it was a very special amp I must say. The KT120's do provide that fuller sound but the midrange and level of musicality on the EL34 is highly addictive, and so I have stuck to that.

Perhaps with your TAD's you would probably find a different experience and enjoy one type of output tube over the other, glad to hear your thoughts...
Cheers mate,

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