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New member from Maryland

Post by shag57 » Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:21 am

Hi - my audiophile journey began around 1974 when I purchased a Marantz 2220 & Marantz speakers. From there I purchased a Dual 1229 turntable. A few years later I purchase a pair of JBL 36 and added another set of JBL 50. Several years later I purchased an integrated Marantz pre/power amp about 60watt per....maybe an 1120 model? It quit on me a few years later - as a musician my equipment gets many hours of service a week so no complaints. Next purchase was an integrated hybrid tube preamp / solid state power amp from Luxman. It too last 4-5 years before being replaced with an Adcom pre amp & power amp..........a testament ....that is still working after 15 years! Next up my friend opened a hifi store and gave me a great deal on a B&K power & pre amp.........some serious power 225 per /......and a pair of Canton 707 Karats. That was very satisfying me for 5-6years. Then a lawyer who had been helping to settle my stepfather's estate said she had her father in laws hifi speakers & they wanted to get rid of them. I said well drop them off and I'll put them to use. When she delivered a pair of KEF Reference 104/2 I was stunned when I hooked them up! Forget the Cantons! I sent all the speakers back to KEF to be refurbished and they are amazing. That got me thinking......I wonder what a better amp(s) would do? LoL I tried a Cambridge pre amp with the B&K power amp.....too sterile. Then after reading many reviews decided to spend some real money and I purchased a Conrad 2550 power amp and a Class 2 pre amp. Wow - amazing. I sat for hours rediscovering my fav classic rock & 60's jazz recording.....on CD mind you. I still can't get past the scratchy needle on my vinyl. The bug had bit bad! When I saw Cj was offering their 45CAV integrated, had to have one! lol I purchased an second set of KEF reference 104/2 ( which I on occasion I add a Canton sub with the 2550 - it's phased with the inverted phase of the Classic 2 and when tweaked provides a 3D low mids & bass that the KEF are missing). Now I mentioned the Adcom 555 which I have connected to a pair of Totem Aarows - beautiful for jazz. So yeah I guess I'm now an audioholic! lol The nice a pro musician I get to write off every purchase! What's next? Just enjoying the ride for now! :D

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Re: New member from Maryland

Post by admin » Tue Mar 07, 2017 5:44 pm

Hi shag57,
Just wanted to welcome you to CJO. Nice to have you with us. Sounds like you had a nice journey with all that equipment. If you have a chance, post a picture of your setup in our member gallery. Again, welcome to the site.
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