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dna 1 recap !

Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:02 pm
by Auriian
finished my dna 1 power amp, recapped all the lytics,
silver interconnect and speaker wire with cardas jacks!
sounds allot better!
was fun updating too!

why would they be cj in disguise?

Re: dna 1 recap !

Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2017 11:27 pm
by Big Dog RJ
Nice one mate, that should definitely sound a lot better.
You should also be experiencing a better depth in the soundstage, plus more controlled dynamics and stronger transient impact. Once they have settled in nicely, all this should begin to smooth out even further, blending in very nicely giving you that power with finesse.

I can't remember McCormack's first name, I think it was John... anyway, way back when he was about to finish up and close shop, as he made his mark and decided to go fishing... He approached the CJ crew (close mates) and came to an agreement where they would continue to make his products under the same roof. Hence, if you are to visit the CJ factory, you will be able to see quite a few McCormacks coming out of the assembly line with the McCormack badge.

At the end of the day, designers, music lovers, engineering experts and all, if their main passion is music and creating equipment that is the true essence of reproduced music, then why not help each other out and arrive at a solution to create the finest! And this mate is what CJ & McCormack are all about, you are getting one of the best possible sound for your money.

I have listened to a very powerul McCormack solid state power amp driving a pair of Apogee ribbons in tri-amp config, with CJ valve amps driving the mids and highs, it was stunning! In terms of total true dynamics, transparency, speed, articulation in the midband, soundstage and depth was superb, and the bass was slam on and fast! Massive impact with very palpable mid - bass that you can feel. Sort of hits you in the chest with a solid thump, and then when the mids and highs come in to play, just glorious. In terms of total synergy, it was not too shabby at all, since the chap was using a special kind of servo controlled active cross-over unit that adjust as the signals passes through, hence creating a near perfect sonic wave. Similar to what they use now with DSP built in to the speakers.

Bi-amping is tricky and tri-amping is as complicated but this is one system that I admired with McCormack monoblocks and a pair of CJ monoblocks driving the mids and highs, in total 4 power amplifiers rated at 200w for the mids and highs and 600w on the bass. Although it was not all about the watts/power, this system could recreate all the subtle dynamic shadings, plus deliver bullet like transients with superb acceleration and stop in a whisper. I guess all that power was probably required to drive this Apogee model, and later on we bought this similar speaker after a while. It was the Apogee Diva, just awesome.

So, yes McCormack is outstanding no doubt, since it is made in the same outstanding factory as CJ!
Cheers and enjoy your music mate,

Re: dna 1 recap !

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2017 9:45 pm
by Auriian
dam, that big system sounds cool!

yes the dna 1 sounds way better and the protection mode dosen't go on any more since the entire cap upgrade!! ;-)
I do favor my belles 150a hot rod.. for what ever reason, ( mids & realistic sound ) that is with smaller speakers.
i love that belles stuff too!