Burkhard Dallwitz - The Truman Show Soundtrack (CD)

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Burkhard Dallwitz - The Truman Show Soundtrack (CD)

Post by admin » Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:30 pm

Burkhard Dallwitz - The Truman Show Soundtrack
Label: Milan Records – 73138 35850-2
Format: CD
Country: US
Released: 02 Jun 1998
Genre: Electronic
Style: Modern Classical

1 Burkhard Dallwitz – Trutalk 1:18
2 Burkhard Dallwitz – It's A Life 1:30
3 Burkhard Dallwitz – Aquaphobia 0:40
4 Philip Glass – Dreaming Of Fiji 1:54
5 Burkhard Dallwitz – Flashback 1:19
6 Philip Glass – Anthem Part 2 3:50
7 Philip Glass – The Beginning 4:06
8 Arthur Rubinstein – Piano Concerto N° 1 - Romance Larghetto Written-By – Frederic Chopin* 10:42
9 Burkhard Dallwitz – Drive 3:34
10 Burkhard Dallwitz – Underground 0:56
11 Burkhard Dallwitz – Do Something! 0:44
12 Philip Glass – Living Waters 3:48
13 Burkhard Dallwitz – Reunion 2:26
14 Philip Glass – Truman Sleeps 1:51
15 Burkhard Dallwitz – Truman Sets Sail 1:55
16 Burkhard Dallwitz – Underground / Storm 3:37
17 Philip Glass – Raising The Sail 2:13
18 Orchestre Philharmonique National De Pologne – Father Kolbe's Preaching Written-By – Wojciech Kilar 2:26
19 Philip Glass – Mishima / Opening 2:14
20 Burkhard Dallwitz – A New Life (Not Contained In Film) 1:58
21 Big Six, The – Twentieth Century Boy Written-By – Marc Bolan 3:07


A while back I had bought a large lot of soundtrack CD's off of ebay. The reason I had made this purchase was that there were quite a few disks that I had wanted and it was a very good price. In the mix of these, I have found a few CD's that unexpectedly surprised me. One of these is the Truman Show soundtrack. It's hard to classify this soundtrack as it has a "modern" feel yet it's composed in a classical style. Dallwitz's compositions hold up well as a complete audio album, so you don't necessarily have to have seen the movie (although I do recommend it).

Before some comments about the actual tracks, let me briefly review the audio quality. This unfortunately is not the highlight. I don't want to say that it was not mixed well, but I would have liked to hear more dynamic range and clarity. Perhaps there is a smudge of dynamic compression taking place. It's a "quite" soundtrack and perhaps they were worried that it would not be loud enough for the masses. Subsequently, I think their is a flattening of the peaks and troughs. Clarity fares better but it's not the best. I would say it's a good 3.5 out of 5 on audio quality.

As for the music itself, this is where I was more impressed. The music itself tells a sad tale. I could not help but feel lonely and isolated while listening to the score. Perhaps I was just thinking of the movie character while I was listening but there is definitely a sense of melancholy which is portrayed well in the score. Track 4 (Dreaming of Fiji) does really feel like a far away dream that you barely recall after waking. Track 17 (Raising the Sail) conveys the uncertainty of the future. And my personal favorite, Track 2 (It's a Life), which although short, is the movie's main theme and more upbeat than most of the other tracks.

If you have an opportunity to pick this up for a few bucks in the "bargain bin", I think it's a worthwhile addition to your catalog. If you are a soundtrack buff, then I would highly recommend it as it is quite a unique album.
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