Led Zeppelin ‎– Physical Graffiti (CD)

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Led Zeppelin ‎– Physical Graffiti (CD)

Post by admin » Mon Aug 27, 2012 5:55 pm

Led Zeppelin ‎– Physical Graffiti (CD)
Label: Swan Song – SS 200-2, Swan Song – 200-2
Format: 2 × CD, Album, Reissue
Country: US
Released: 1990
Genre: Rock
Style: Blues Rock, Classic Rock
Barcode: 0 7567-90302-2 1
Barcode (Scanned): 075679030221

1-1 Custard Pie 4:20
1-2 The Rover 5:44
1-3 In My Time Of Dying 11:08
1-4 Houses Of The Holy 4:01
1-5 Trampled Under Foot 5:38
1-6 Kashmir 9:41

2-1 In The Light 8:46
2-2 Bron-Yr-Aur 2:07
2-3 Down By The Seaside 5:15
2-4 Ten Years Gone 6:55
2-5 Night Flight 3:37
2-6 The Wanton Song 4:10
2-7 Boogie With Stu 3:45
2-8 Black Country Woman 4:30
2-9 Sick Again 4:40

So I was visiting my parents this past weekend and looking through one of their closets I find this little gem from my earlier days. It's one of the earlier issues of Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti CD's. I put it in my bag and took it home for some getting the "Led out."

First thing I immediately noticed was that the volume on this disk is substantially lower than most current day releases. This was a time before the "loudness wars" took over. No problem, just crank the PV-12 volume knob a little higher.

Acoustically the album is quite nice. They copied these strait from the tapes and there is definitely an analog "feel" to the album despite being in a digital format. Also, for those liking a very detailed music soundstage, this is not it. It's not the fault of the recording but rather Zeppelin's music style. The guitar playing has always been on the "wild side" and this is typical 70's hard rock. Plant's vocal sometimes almost take a back seat to the drum beat and "loose" guitar rifts. This is not to say there are no songs where fine detail is present, it's just no predominant. An exception to this is Bon-yr-aur which features no vocals and you can clearly discern each pluck of the guitar. Dyanmics are very good (once again, this was released before the "loudness wars."). This is nicely showcased in the song "Ten Years Gone" which has volumes ranging from a whisper to gut shaking.

As for the review of the music itself, well... If you never have heard of Led Zeppelin then you probably don't have electricity so you don't have to worry about it. Needless to say, this is a nice "Best of" collection and any fan will really enjoy this album. I'm interested in hearing some of the new remasters of this album (it's been re-released about a dozen times since this disk) to see if the dynamics are still maintained.

Highly recommend for any Zeppelin fan. For those who seek a very precise, clear, distinct music experience, this is probably not the best bet for them.
Led Zeppelin ‎Physical Graffiti Cover
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Led Zeppelin ‎Physical Graffiti Back Cover
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