Cyndi Lauper: The Body Acoustic (CD)

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Cyndi Lauper: The Body Acoustic (CD)

Post by admin » Sat Aug 18, 2012 12:55 pm

Cyndi Lauper: The Body Acoustic

Audio CD (November 8, 2005)
Original Release Date: 2005
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Dual Disc
Label: Sony

Track Listings
1. Money Changes Everything (ft. Adam Lazzara)
2. All Through The Night (ft. Shaggy)
3. Time After Time (ft. Sarah McLachlan)
4. She Bop
5. Above The Clouds (ft. Jeff Beck)
6. I'll Be Your River (ft. Vivian Green)
7. Sisters Of Avalon (ft. Ani di Franco & Vivian Green)
8. Shine
9. True Colors
10. Water's Edge (ft. Sarah McLachlan)
11. Fearless
12. Girls Just Want To Have Fun (ft. Puffi AmiYumi)


I actually heard of this CD on another forum site and found it on for $2.50 (shipping included)! So I said, "what the hell". I have to say that I was very surprised. First thing to note is that this is NOT a "greatest hits" CD. The songs are totally reworked. The tempo, beat, and the way they are sung are completely different than what you remember hearing on the radio in the 80's. Also, there are some prominent artists that contributed their singing talents to the CD as you can see from the track listing. Pretty much all the songs are good with some excellent tracks. "True Colors" is my personal favorite on the disk. This is one that you can put in the player and hit play. You'll have an enjoyable hour.

The sonic quality of the disk is very very good. This was a surprise as I was not expecting an audiophile level authored disk. Dynamics and clarity are top notch and the voice quality is very good as well. In an added bonus, it's a Dual Disc so you can squeeze a little extra audiophile "oomph" out of that if you use a DVD player as your primary source.

Highly recommended purchase! :)
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Cyndi Lauper The Body Acoustic
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