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Post by CJ2000 » Mon Jan 30, 2017 3:59 pm

I have an issue with my DV-2b that seems a little strange and I would like to get input as to what the problem may be.

I have a Phil Collins “Testify” CD ( total play length 57 minutes, 16 seconds) that skips at about the 4 minute time indication of the last track,
which is track #12, but sometimes the DV-2b has played the track with no issues, but rarely. All of my other CD’s, thus far and knock on wood, have no issues. So I made a copy of the disc using burner/player in my computer that plays the disc fine. I experienced the same issue with DV-2b playing the burned disc. So I ordered a new “Testify” CD from Amazon. I played the new CD in the DV-2b and I have the exact same issue.

I gently cleaned the laser lens with a slight moist cotton swab and this did not solve the issue. Hopefully this not the signs of the laser beginning to have issues.

I have heard that there is digital bypass modification at the SAA7345 IC to the clock circuit, but not sure if this would solve this problem.

Is there a schematic available on the DV-2b? I do not see it posted on the site?

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Re: DV-2b

Post by admin » Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:03 pm

Hard to imagine it being a global player hardware issue if it only happens on one track of one CD. In all honesty I'm not sure if you need to worry about it if it's one isolated incident. Out of pure curiosity I would like to know if you transcode that track to mp3 and then back to CD whether it will do it again. If it doesn't then it may be a very unusual decoding issue specifically with that track.
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Re: DV-2b

Post by Big Dog RJ » Mon Jan 30, 2017 11:35 pm

Ah! the DV2B, very lively on digital playback, has a pair of tubes in the output stage, it doesn't have any of that digital glare whatsoever. Almost an analog sort of sound, very smooth and relaxing, can certainly play dynamic when called for, superb overall sound!
One of the best CD players I have ever owned, unfortunately no longer in production.

Another interesting thing, it has built in volume control (stepped attenuation) which is controlled from the remote. The DV2B has a high output voltage that can drive a power amp directly, without the need of a preamp, and sounds amazing. The only thing is the stepped attenuator cannot be adjusted at precise settings, they are fairly large dB variances from each level but the sound is very dynamic. Similar to those switches that used to be incorporated on the legendary amps like Marantz and Luxman, great stuff!

One word of ***CAUTION*** - after the unit is off and powered back on, the remote volume sets to FULL volume by default!
Before switching on the power amp, make sure the volume is !!!TURNED FULLY DOWN!!! on the remote - this is a major issue with this remote, it doesn't remain at zero even after you have switched off the unit/DV2B.

Re. to your CD track skipping problem- as correctly pointed out by Admin, this is not a major issue...

My DV2B transport unit failed after just 3 months of usage, purchased brand new in 2000. CJ replaced it with a brand new one. After about a year or so, capacitors started to fail, CJ claimed the main issue was high levels of humidity. Since I lived in tropical land before, the system was located close to windows. During heavy rains there was a definite issue with moisture and high levels of humidity, as not only did the DV2B fail, but nearly all other components in the system, Quads, maggies, preamp caps and so on... The only components that survived were the huge Manley monoblocks, built like tanks, and my Infinity speakers, nothing would phase them.

So, I don't think you have a laser issue. However, since the DV2B is a fairly old unit, if ever you do require the transport unit, I trust that CJ can send you one. Mine had a Sony transport unit with a Phillips mechanism and Toshiba DAC chips. Not too sure of they would still have these parts though...

As you pointed out initially, this seems to happen with only one particular CD, whereas all your other collections are fine?

I currently use a McIntosh MCD301/SACD- all CD's & SACD's work fine, except for two: Lester Young & Donald Bird, doesn't load at all, and the other from Russell Malone, always seems to skip at a certain point on track 7. I purchased two new CD's of Russell Malone and the same dam thing happens. Took it back to the shop and got a refund. Later told by the shop owner that the entire batch of Russell Malone's new album was defective on that particular track but since it played fine in the studio on their digital playback systems, it was released. However, they have had many returns of this album, so which means the majority of CD playback systems had issues with this particular CD.

Another thing, I took the Lester Young & Donald Bird CD to the McIntosh dealer, where he had the exact same MCD301 unit on a demo system, and that didn't load the Donald Bird CD either! But it plays fine on the car cd player, ha! Talk about high-end audio...

Cheers mate and trust your DV2B will work fine with the majority of your CD collection!

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