Need a pair of hi voltage Fuses.

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Need a pair of hi voltage Fuses.

Post by Tonydog » Mon Nov 28, 2016 10:01 am

Hi All!

I popped a fuse trying out a brand new special order set of "Cryoset Matched Svetlana 6550c's" on 1 of my LP 140 Monoblocks. It started sizzling so I turned it of quickly. But when i turned it back on 1 mono block was kaput. I suppose those tubes are faulty? I put the old tubes back and borrowed the fuses of the other Monoblock and everything worked. Its just the High Voltage fuse near the speaker taps the I need to change. Phew!!! :) But still traumatizing!

1. What are good replacements fuses and where can i order them?

2. How can i replace the tubes knowing this could happen again?

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Re: Need a pair of hi voltage Fuses.

Post by admin » Wed Nov 30, 2016 7:20 am

I can't give you advice on the fuses as I have not played around with changing any in my equipment thus far. You may want to read this forum as they talk about it extensively: ... a9e93d1d9e

In terms of preventing a blown fuse by a faulty tube. There's probably not too much you can do other than buying from a reputable dealer. You can by a tube tester but they are kind of expensive and unless you are going to get very large number of tubes probably not worth your time. If blowing an expensive "audiophile" fuse is a concern, you can use a cheap store bought fuse when you first put in a new set of tubes. If it blows the fuse you are only out a dollar or two. If it works, chances are the tube is good and won't blow the expensive "audiophile" fuse.
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