Power Conditioners - APC H15BLK AV 1.5kVA H Type

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Power Conditioners - APC H15BLK AV 1.5kVA H Type

Post by admin » Sun Mar 03, 2013 11:34 am

I was wondering what people were using for the power condition (if any) in their systems. There are so many options that go from inexpensive to astronomic prices. There is also wide opinion on how much of difference these make in the actual quality of sound.

I figure I share what I am using as it has been a good product that did not cost a lot of money and my dealing with APC's tech support was outstanding. If your looking for a good but inexpensive solution, this may be of interest to you.

APC H15BLK AV 1.5kVA H Type Power Conditioner

I have to admit that I never really had a major problem with line noise or interference so I bought a power conditioner more for protecting my equipment fro major voltage spikes and general fluctuations in voltage when my home's appliances turn on and off and fluctuate the line power (refrigerators, boilers, water pumps, etc..).

This APC unit does a good job at keeping the voltage at a steady 120 V +/- 2 V. The construction seems rather sturdy and has 12 standard plugs so if you want to plug "everything" in at the same time you should not have a problem. It also offers delayed activation for the individual plug so if you have a big amp that will draw a lot of power on the startup it will not effect the other electronics which is kind of nice. There are other filter connectors as well for coaxial cable and telephone lines (which admittedly I do not use), but are nice to have on there and often not included in much more expensive power conditioners.

When I had bought the first unit it did develop an issue a few months in and I called tech support up. They immediately sent out a new replacement unit and just told me to send the broken one back in the same box. I thought that this was pretty incredible service for such an inexpensive unit. I have been using the replacement unit for 2 years now without any new problems. I also spoke with an American tech support person, not some cheap call center in India. Even the best electronics can fail and having good tech support is a big plus in my opinion.

Here is the product website link for the unit.

If you are looking for good and inexpensive power conditioner I would suggest you look at this unit prior to spending big money on other products.
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Re: Power Conditioners - APC H15BLK AV 1.5kVA H Type

Post by jeffreybehr » Sun Mar 03, 2013 2:14 pm

My p-cons are described here...
...starting about 9 PageDowns. All 5 of my p-cons are passive and can't regulate Voltage.

As for audibility, I restate that I'm not a GEA who can hear and describe all kinds of subtleties in reproduced music. While I can hear some differences between individual pieces, I'm much more a long-term listener who relies on overall sound quality*. So I can't describe the sonic results of, for example, replacing my PS Audio Quintessence with the aR12, or improving parts quality in the latter, or adding the ar2P' to the poweramps. What I do know is that the system with all this stuff in it is the best-sounding system I've EVER heard and that it always sounds excellent, even in the afternoons.

* I also rely on the advice of an 'audio guru', Jeffrey Glowacki of Sonic Craft, who is the only person whose audio advice to me has been 100% reliable. That means that every thing he advises me to do, and I do, ends up making my system sound better, and everything he tells me not to do and I do anyway ends up sounding not so good and I undo it. An example of the latter is using his 6-1/2" bass/MR** drivers as bass drivers. He said that doing so won't work well and would be a waste of time. I did it anyway and ended up undoing it. :oops:

**Oh how I HATE the term 'midbass' to describe a driver intended to cover many octaves of bass and midrange. 'Midbass' is just ONE octave!
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