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Altec Lansing Model 19's

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:25 pm
by billyz
Well, I have been thru a few different sets of speakers in the last few years since relocating to Spokane. My previous Speakers , the Merlin VSM's were everything I wanted in my old house/room. But in the new space they sounded a bit papery and thin. So, I first tried a set of Klipsch Forte II , upgraded the crossovers, they were better. But then I heard a set of highly modifed Cornwalls with altec 511 mid horn and ALK crossovers. This was really great, but I did notice things were missing or harder to hear in the mix. Well, I found a set of ALTEC Model 19's . it was quite a drive, but well worth the effort. I immediately recapped the crossovers, did a little internal wire upgrading, installed a set of the Altec Foam inserts to the upper horn cabinet.
WOW, These are without a doubt the finest speakers I have ever owned. They look real imposing but dance like a butterfly. The bass is the best I have heard, very articulate and not unreal or boom boom.
I am using my trusty old Premier 11a and PV12. I did recently have to replace a 6550a RCA, so I replaced the whole set , left the small signal tubes.
I still have a few RCA 6550's and a nice set of Tungsol 6550's . I also have a set of MO KT88's . I got over ten years out of the last set of RCA 6550's .