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Spinning CD’s in that DR1 connected to a D/A-2b? Talk about it here.
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re: CJ DV 2b cd player

Post by hornbeck67 » Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:01 pm

Does the DV 2b work best with CJ supplied tubes or with Mullard 6GK5's (nos)? thanks

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Re: re: CJ DV 2b cd player

Post by Big Dog RJ » Thu Dec 28, 2017 1:13 pm

Hey mate, greetings from down under;

Just came across your post, sorry it took over a month to reply and no one has replied either...

Anyway, from what I know: I used this CD player along with my previous pre-power combo- PFR & Premier 11A driving a pair of Maggies MG3.5/R, back in 1999/2000.
At the time I received this unit they had the Mullard's. After about a few months, the entire transport / laser pick up unit failed. It went belly up mainly due to the excessive climate we had back in Colombo. And then my PFR caps started failing as well, one by one. This was the time I ventured away from CJ and leaned more towards VTL & Manley. Of course after a while, over another decade, I ventured back towards CJ and never looked backed, you just can't beat their musicality.

In my experience, I can claim that either CJ's tubes or the Mullard's would work just fine, probably both relatively equal. It's quite hard to tell, especially input gain tubes but with phase inverter & output tubes, the level of quality / musicality is fairly obvious.

If you really want that "special" sound and you are willing to cough out the extra dollars, I would go with CJ supplied. On the other hand, if for a little extra savings, the Mullard's from any reputable tube store would be fine. If you can afford a bit more, try both that way you can tell the differences, if any...
Cheers and all the best!

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