So who plans on trying KT-150's in their amps ? ....

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Re: So who plans on trying KT-150's in their amps ? ....

Post by Big Dog RJ » Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:44 pm

hey Joe, did you try the new KT150's in any of your CJ amps?

I have had a listen to two of them: LP66S & LP70S. This chap bought these power amps here in Melb and did a replacement from 6550's to the KT120's. Absolutely loved it, and I can certainly confirm that. However, he later tried the KT150's, although bass is significantly improved, lower and fuller, not necessarily fast or tight. In this area I think the EL34 is much faster and tighter. Whereas the KT120 goes deeper and allows you to listen more into the variations of bass lines that the EL34 doesn't focus much on.

I noticed with the mids and highs, on the KT150's is almost the same. Sounds a bit more wider and fuller in the soundstage but this is not a positive trait for me. I think it would be best to audition the new ART amp with KT150's that was designed with KT150's as an original spec.

I also remember when I had the MV60SE, replacing the 6550's with KT120's was a wonderful experience but didn't really blossom until I acquired the Classic 60SE fitted with KT120's as their original spec. Now this amp improved the sonic level by a far margin.

What I'm trying to say is that these replacements are only good to a certain point, and for that matter about a 2-3% increase in sonics. When designed with that new tube in place, the sound improvement goes up by around 60-80%. So the price point difference makes more sense.
This is just my personal experience and listening tests so far. Obviously others may have different views.

Keep us posted what you think of the new KT150's.

I also heard the new ARC gear with these and they are great sounding, very wide, think and expansive, but not as musical as CJ though... as we all know,
Cheers mate, RJ

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