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Over one year with my Classic One Twenty SE

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:41 pm
by roberto
Hola mis amigos,

All of you do know about how happy I am with my Conrad Johnson toys. I am into a totally mew world f with this quality sound. My speakers are very difficult to make them to sing . And having the transparency, the dynamic contrast of the musical instruments, the wide and depth of the stage, the truly right size of the musical instruments, the vocals without soreness, the right timbre, the air between them, and what I love most: The listening pleasure for all these and so many great musician(s) that are granted, thanks to C-J.

I have to thanks to my wife, who had the knowledge to let me be into my system. and to listen all these hours. What really amuse me, is that I am still discovering a lot of details that were not showed with this clarity and the pleasure that it gives. Now, every musical note counts. I am not a young person. I assure you that my soul dances along with the music.

Being a musician helps to understand better the communication that the musicians have. This is great, because I can sense the fun that they are having playing together.

While I listen to Brazil music, Bossa Nova, I can understand the complexity of the musical chords. Their harmony chords are very complicated, giving the sound a special dissonance with a rhythm that I do like, being a smooth suave kind of music. I do love to play Bossa with my guitar too.

I do know that some of you have the same Preamp ET-7 along with this amp and also that some of you still owns different power amps, where you can swap them easy. Please, report your findings. Share them with us please.

I aslo do know that the ET-7 and the Classic One Twenty SE are not perfect. But having a vast possibilities and brands on the market place, I have to recommend and comment my findings.

Happy listening!

Re: Over one year with my Classic One Twenty SE

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2018 1:59 pm
by Big Dog RJ
Nice one Roberto,

As we say over here down under, "good on ya mate!"

The Classic power amps are truly in a class of their own, starting from the Classic 60 to the 120. Further refinement can be found in the "SE" versions but the standard versions also provide very fine detail and musicality overall, regardless of cost. Now CJ has introduced the ART amps and the anniversary edition with KT150's plus 300 monoblocks. These are very costly items, and sincerely speaking, I would not spend that kind of dollars on "hi-fi" after all it's hi-fi and "high fidelity" can be achieved in any of their products, it doesn't have to cost a house!

However, as I have stated numerous times before, Roberto, you are using the Martin Logan CLX's. These are the most transparent speakers I have ever come across and one of my favorites! Unfortunately, over here these are also costing a fortune, now close to over 40 grand for a pair! That's nearly the price of a top line SUV in Aussie land... Hence, I am waiting until ML decides to offer a revised model of the CLX version 2, then perhaps the CLX S1 would be slightly lower and more affordable, I wouldn't know.

But, as I have also said before, just in case you or the wife gets bored with your CLX's, please call me and I will arrange immediate delivery of your CLX's to my place, no worries mate!

Those CLX's are one of a kind and many who have not heard them in a proper set up wouldn't know what they're capable of, especially when driven with top quality amplification, such as CJ or Pass Labs.

Enjoy mate to the fullest and don't forget my offer, since I'm a humble fellow who lives in down under, eagerly waiting for your CLX's...
Cheers mate, have a good one,

Re: Over one year with my Classic One Twenty SE

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:53 pm
by roberto
Hola RJ, welcome back!. I am going to confess to you something. When I bought my first Martin Logan set, was the CLS, then had all the models, and they were driven by CJ. Then, I had to let go my Conrad Johnson gear, and start using other brands like Mark Levinson, Byrston, Classe, Cary Audio, Carver, Audio Research, Sonic Frontiers, to name a few, and I forgot the quality sound of Conrad Johnson. I can assure you not only the happy that I am with CJ, and this is the BEST sound that I ever had on my systems. Here in Costa Rica are a lot of wonderful sounding systems. So, I can do comparisons very easy, and hear of what the Industry Standards are setting.
I do know how do you like my CLXs. These are wonderful speakers and are very revealing. They show all what you have in your system. What I really like a lot, is how easy they are with their sensitivity, so you can use low power amps to drive them. I do believe that my CLXs are over power with this monster. Why I say it is a monster? Well, the bias LEDs that are yellow color, while playing the music, it is normal if they blink with the music. My 120 the LEDs are off. I never have seeing them blinking. Even, playing loud!. Yes I know. The sensitivity of my CLXs is very high.
I do like a lot the detail, and the stage. It is very wide, having a lot of air between the instruments. I have a 5.1 set up. But I find myself more into stereo than 5.1. Now I fairly use my 5.1.
Thanks again for your kind words RJ...
Happy listening!