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Post by mikeycooks4u » Sat May 06, 2017 9:31 pm

I have Celestion A-3 speaker which want a lot of current. I have a CJ PV 11 and listen to vinyl as well as FM and internet stuff. I am looking at a few MV110 and LP66S amps. Any thoughts about which way to go or other suggestions? I want to stay in the 2k range for a used unit.

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Post by Big Dog RJ » Sat Oct 28, 2017 11:48 am

Hey mate, not too sure why no one has bothered to reply... seems like we were too busy enjoying the music!

Sorry for the delay but here goes my 50cts:
the MV series power amp are very good and have that special "golden glow" in musicality that cj was previously known for. This is also referred to as the caramel affect- very seductive and wonderful midrange. The best MV power amp ever made to date by cj is the MV60. I used one for many years and then upgraded to the 60SE version , which has 6550 tubes rated at higher power output, delivering 60w/ch. I believe this amp will be in your price range...

The LP series takes this level to another performance category altogether. it is more like the early cj premier series which is now incorporated into cj's newer SE versions. Therefore, if you are getting any of cj's amps and they are SE versions, this is pretty much state of the art top line.

The LP 66s is a much newer model than the MV series and will very easily drive your Celestions. Both of these amps will be capable of driving your Celestions to a level of performance that you have not heard from your Celestions, trust me I know!

going back around late 90's, there was a doctor chap who had Celestions and claimed they were difficult to drive... he was using 4 separate monoblock amplifiers to drive then. that was a pair of mono's for each section bi-amped into the speakers for mid/highs & separately connected for bass via another pair monoblocks. all these smps were Audiolab, typical British sound, very soft & romantic but no guts, no dynamics no American slam.

I told him we would be willing to arrange a demo with just a single MV power amp partnered with a pv12 pre. hooked up this cj pre-power and after he recovered from fainting, he wanted us to get rid of his entire Audiolab gear! trust me we didn't have an easy time selling usex Audiolab vs CJ...

If you can stretch the budget, try to se if you can get any cj power amp with the SE version. The MV60SE or LP66SE will sound marvelous on your Celestions. Remember, the older the power amp the more service and maintenance issues it will have, such as caps, resistors, power supply etc... these usually deteriorate after around 20 years of normal usage. power amps work harder therefore require more care compared to pre-amps. pre's are much easier to maintain and they have simpler circuits, more easy to navigate around and upgrade as you go. power amps also have the tubes that require replacements once in 2-3 years. so keep these in mind. Although you may find a good bargain on an amp for under 2 grand, if it's older design, it will require upgraded components/replacements...

trust this helps and sorry for the delayed response.
cheers, RJ

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