Premier 6 Phono Help Needed

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Premier 6 Phono Help Needed

Post by flyong » Thu Apr 13, 2017 1:55 am

Hi all,

I owned a second hand Premier 6 phono amp using Nuvistor 6CW4 tubes, I have both MM cartridge (AT95) and MC cartridge (Denon DL-110), but the both cartridges produce sound that is very thin and no bass at all.

I am using Jadis JPL preamp and using the AUX input.

I read many articles saying that the Premier 6 is microphonics but my one doesn't sound at all, the phono is very quite even when I raised the preamp volume knob.

I did some basic measurement on the tube bias and voltage at the grid, the tubes seem like being powered at the right setting (Based on the schematic of Premier 6).

There are four Nuvistors tube in the circuit board, I swapped the tube in the channel but this doesn't help. Changes of the four tubes reach it lifespan is low.

One thing I never do is to measure the tube current, this is tedious and need more effort to do that or anyone here has any suggestion/idea what's wrong with this phono amp? I don't suspect the passive components give way as the components should be lasting.

Help need here.


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